How BANT leads can help you recover from COVID- 19 crisis

Hit by the Covid-19 slump followed by social distancing and a nationwide lockdown, businesses are experiencing major impacts no matter how steeled they are and are trying to replan their strategies to manage and operate their business.

COVID-19 novel coronavirus outbreak is a terrible human tragedy, affecting hundreds of thousands of people across the globe. It has become difficult for most organizations and owners to keep their financial wheels rotating during the lockdown.

For business leaders, this presents a whole host of important questions ranging from employee health to addressing supply chain disruption, to consumer trust, to business continuity.

The impact on the economy and business cycle is of course unclear and uncertain. Hopefully, those challenges are short-term, but for businesses, what are the implications for eCommerce in the short-term and longer-term?

And now for businesses everywhere, it is time to game up to mark the long-term methods and techniques to overcome the loss caused by a coronavirus, and most certainly for B2B companies where digital business modes will be critical in taking forward.

With few exceptions, we will all go through a period of decreased sales and contract cancellations, with clients insecure about economic scenarios and financial restrictions. And how does marketing stand in the middle of this?

The Best Thing You Can Go With Right Now Is “BANT”

The situations in the world have changed and BANT is the buzzword of this century. The main step a business can grab is to Adapt & Attack.

There are numerous sales techniques to choose from. While many are excellent, they are also highly customized to the organizations they serve. This is great — if your organization has a custom lead scoring system.

However, often at high-growth SaaS companies, rapid growth means the sales process can’t keep up with hiring. We have seen large, well-settled companies that don’t have a personalized lead qualification process formed. BANT is an excellent way to start.

BANT is basically the fundamental checkboxes you need to confirm with a prospect at the start of the sales process to ensure that the lead aligns with your company, including:

  • Budget
  • Authority
  • Need
  • Timeline

BANT is the best method for sales qualification because it takes the lengthy, complicated, messed up process of getting to a sale and process it, and ensures that you can eliminate the key roadblocks in your sales journey. When you have this information from a lead, you know that he or she can not only benefit from your solution but has the ability to work with you — all on a timeline that meets your goals.

BANT is a great time-saver for qualifying leads over the phone or in the face to face meetings. Its full power is wide open, however, to leverage marketing automation. When the entire team of yours knows the BANT agenda and implications, you can set up it into the qualification process driving on your website.

BANT intensifies Sales, Management, and Marketing, to demand appropriate and sensible questions. It also helps determine where efforts should be focused to develop leads and opportunities. This means businesses can more quickly find out prospects draining the sales team.

Importance of BANT for businesses during the crisis

Essentially, BANT will be your second contact. Your initial contact will be to secure some of the consumer’s time, the introduction & communication part, and later comes the BANT.

Also, we know that many businesses today offer a subscription model. And if you’re running a subscription model, you may not need to worry about the client’s budget.

One of the utmost methods to make use of BANT is by highly profiling and filtering the leads. This is a method of qualifying and passing on the leads to the concerned person’s hand and built them through the content-fueled buyer experience.

To make use of BANT productively, adapt it to each customer you come across. Personalize it and then execute it into your sales process.

To track productivity, make sure your sales pipeline is strictly maintained. Make sure it measures all the metrics you need. With a high-quality sales pipeline, you will be able to update your sales cycles and you will be more knowledgeable about your sales and sales process.

If done right, BANT can save your time effortlessly and help you to clarify the most important questions. Also when BANT is implemented by the whole team, it has a synergistic effect where you can reach out more leads and prospects in the higher means and in a focused, powerful way. That makes it the latest and unique sales qualification structure!

BANT isn’t just checklists, but also the concept. It is the pathway of converting a 2-way conversation that gathers the information you need and offers the prospect some form of value.




We arm you with the right Strategy, Technology, and Operations to engage your target buyers.

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VSynergize Outsourcing

We arm you with the right Strategy, Technology, and Operations to engage your target buyers.

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