How Business Owners can Restart, Retrieve and Replenish their Marketing Goals During a Crisis

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3 min readNov 5, 2020


Despite the uncertainty in the world and rapid changes in behavior, data is still being collected and analyzed. A marketer’s work is to expect what a customer requires before they need it.

It’s really difficult at the time and you should slightly slow down, take a break and dig into what your customers are doing and are expecting from you. Also evaluate your current efforts to keep moving forward, and plan for when life is back to normal, lengthy commutes and all.

Initially, it is important to establish what your target audience is, and the best means to gain their attention. One of the steady efforts to get more engagement and awareness is through social media. Regardless of where you are in the world social media is easily accessible.

Interact with your customer experience teams to understand what their communication has been like. You can also check out the existing creative and see what has performed well that overlaps with what your audience is being drawn to now. Freshen up creative with a new timely hook.

We are all aware of the fact that many marketers are working remotely and learning new things day-by-day about themselves, their brands, and their customers. Changes in personal habits, such as staying in for dinner or canceling kids’ playdates, are likely driving all of us to spend more time online.

Let’s understand that most of us are spending more time than ever online, using social media to communicate with one another and online shopping to treat and comfort ourselves.

If your sales previously relied on bricks and mortar stores, face-to-face meetings, tradeshows, or events it’s time to re-evaluate your marketing strategy.

According to the Indian survey — the increase in social media usage since the lockdown, and it showed there was an 87% increase as compared to the week before the lockdown.

Now here’s how you can Restart, Retrieve and Replenish your business
With social distancing being the preventative measure to contain the crisis, investing or reallocating resources to different sales channels may be the opportunity you have overlooked, until now.

These 5 approaches will help you advance your growth and sell more effectively

  1. Build your functional site so customers can reach your and your services directly.
  2. Add features to your website.
  3. Offer webinars in place of face-to-face presentations.
  4. Use online chatbots so your online seekers and consumers can get their questions quickly answered.
  5. The FAQ’s are quite result-driven on your site.

Try to build compelling online content that provides prospects with valuable information on how to solve their most pressing problems possibly caused by the crisis. This is your chance to build your brand, strengthen relationships, create trust, and growing demand for your services.

Also when your customers feel that you value their business, loyalty, and brand preference tend to grow. And when they benefit from valuable advice, focused support, and uninterrupted service, they could very well talk about their fantastic customer experience to all their friends and colleagues. And that could mean more referral business for you.

Practices to maintain and improve your customer relationships:

  • Offer meaningful, timely content to your customers.
  • Make it effortless and user-friendly for customers to reach you out.
  • Care for your customer by offering them quality services.
  • Engage in your customer’s channel according to their preference.
  • Be responsive to all your customers.

We all are even aware of the fact that for more than a few months we will have to deal with this situation and we all are in this together and will anyhow overcome it. But let’s not forget that it has disturbed not only the financial status of leading companies but has also led to economic disruption across the world.

During this crisis, there will always be things beyond your control, and there will always be opportunities to try a more effective and efficient approach. For your business to thrive, you must remain laser-focused on seeking ways to continue to build your business and keep your customers happy.



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