How to manage an SDR team remotely

Sales Development Representatives (SDRs) are under pressure to find and qualify leads, even under the unique circumstances of COVID-19. In theory, as long as the expectations are clear around the goals and timelines, location doesn’t have to be an input when calculating if a salesperson will be successful.

Also, we know that more than any other role in business today, SDRs work to bridge the gap between marketing and sales.

Today, advanced inside sales organizations include specialized teams of Sales Development Reps, who develop sales opportunities from both inbound leads and outbound prospecting. Inbound SDRs focus on qualifying leads that have been identified through a lead generation campaign, an event, a website lead capture, or a call into the company.

Outbound SDRs focus on hunting for prospects that fit the profile of an ideal customer — they scour the news, network at events, even mine corporate financial statements to identify good candidates. Both inbound and outbound SDRs engage the prospect, determine whether they’re a viable lead, and cultivate the relationship until they qualify to pass on to an Account.

The traits that form a great SDR?

The huge difference compared to a former SDR is a prominence on quick, feasible, self-motivated employees who grasp fast and understand how to utilize things to engage customers and manage target account outreach.

This is a role that, at its best, doesn’t need or want a script to engage prospects on the phone or via email. A good SDR thrives on relevant conversations with pivotal decision-makers and strategic accounts.

During this COVID19 crisis to hit your targets as a sales manager, you have to pull out all the stops. The best sales managers know how to structure their sales teams and source the right profiles. So you have to learn how to find the best sales development representatives (SDRs). To achieve this goal, let’s take a closer look at this profile of SDRs.

Also, this pandemic has brought up the slack in the sales turnover that every organization is facing especially as the business landscape continues to grow more competitive at unprecedented speeds. With goals becoming more supreme, and the average quota attainment being at a disappointing 54%, decreasing the sales turnover is at the top of every sales leader’s priority list.

SDR plays a key role in moving leads through your sales pipeline. With hard work, your sales representatives can focus on closing deals with viable customers, instead of wasting their time on uninterested or unrealistic leads.

There is recent research on sales that the biggest threat sales organizations face isn’t losing clients, but rather, losing sales reps. But also most organizations neglect the fact that your sales data can help you predict turnover and give you more time to intervene.

A modern SDR permits a B2B business to support meaningful and personable connections with more prospects and buyers. This is highly due to the SDR’s ability to engage customers in conversation through various channels: listening to the customers, reacting to their concerns, and communicating with them on a level that is impossible to get using scripts, battle cards, or other “planned content” strategies.

The success of an SDR is always all about the activity: phone calls, emails, research, and follow-up. And whenever there is a high level of activity, there always comes the requirement for process, systems, reporting, and management. Ideally, for every 5–7 SDRs, there is an SDR Manager.

A keen understanding of the products and services being sold is an ideal requirement, but it’s very much important to have an absolute command of a buyer’s business background, what matters to them, why it matters and how these preferences turn into buying decisions.

Advantages of remote SDR’s

  1. Reduced costs
  2. Unparalleled access to top talent
  3. Getting the best work done by your team

Also no matter how great you have set your things, nothing can replace being beside a group of your co-workers and sharing feedback from conferences and clients.

SDR’s can help you accelerate sales and market development with social media. Our social selling platform has been used by thousands of both direct and channel sales reps in more than 100 countries and 10 languages.

We provide software and services to bridge the gap between marketing and sales by focusing on solution selling, social prospecting, and SQL pipeline development. If you’d like to learn more, request a demo, or follow us on LinkedIn.

The decision that you make will have a huge impact on your company, your culture, and most importantly your people. Be safe, be smart, and be kind at least during this situation. Of course yes, remote SDR’s can be a powerful part of your company, if you set them up and manage them correctly. Make communication a priority, and give constructive feedback.

Hold people accountable, with clear goals and expectations. Grow trust that goes both ways. It’s always important to appreciate your team’s work and honor their efforts. In turn, they will reward you too.




We arm you with the right Strategy, Technology, and Operations to engage your target buyers.

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We arm you with the right Strategy, Technology, and Operations to engage your target buyers.

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