Ways to Socialize Your Brand During Lockdown

With the COVID-19 crisis, brands around the globe have endured and suffered scrambling for opportunities and missing out on reaching their revenue target. The key to ride this public health crisis wave is by being nimble. Rethink your marketing strategy to make them more relevant.

Let’s recognize this as a new reality and chalk out thoughtful navigation to add value to the consumer’s lives. How brands react to this crisis is going to shape consumer perceptions beyond.

Also, a brand resides in the hearts and minds of the consumers. Very often this distance between the mind and the heart is the distance between a good and a great brand. So how do we get brands to connect with the consumer in times of a pandemic like COVID 19?

Building and nurturing your social presence is no longer optional nowadays. To pillar an effective social undertaking, brands require a strong social governance foundation so that their organizations can meet their business objectives. As sociability at the core of the organization becomes fundamental, brand managers are charged with developing a strong framework for enabling meaningful social interactions that allow the best of the brand to emerge.

According to the research from Weber Shandwick and Forbes Insights, internal focus and consistency of vision are the fields where significant improvements are made by most brands.

Let’s make it very clear that socializing your brand means interacting with people — your customers, your prospects, your employees, your brand loyalists, and even your detractors — to listen to them and build relationships. Here are three things you can keep in your mind for socializing your brand:

  1. It starts with Team Bonding and presenting
  2. Knowing your Community &
  3. Last but not the least Authenticity

Let’s jump into the main part — Ways to Socialize your Brand

  1. Identify Goals and Objectives
  2. Understand Your Audience Needs
  3. Include the Icons on Your Website
  4. Link Your Profile to Your Website
  5. Create an Integrated Social Media Strategy
  6. Produce Valuable Content
  7. Engage Your Audience
  8. Optimize your Social Media Accounts
  9. Use Hashtags Often
  10. Add the Social Icons to Your Emails
  11. Post Consistently
  12. Do a lot of Research
  13. Do your Research
  14. Ask Clients for Feedbacks
  15. Focus on Customer Satisfaction

Socialization is essential not only to the brand but also to the influencing of the entire organization: 33% of all global executives with digital and marketing liability examine “quality of online engagement” as the main role to an organization’s reputation. Moreover, a lot of traditional drivers of the reputation such as customer experience and quality delivery remain at the top of the list.

Check out the 11 drivers of world-class brand sociability:

The 11 drivers of brand sociability are based on deep research of global social brands.

  1. Put your brands in motion
  2. Integrate
  3. Make Social Central
  4. Try listening more
  5. Focus on Meaningful Engagement
  6. Count what Matters
  7. Think global
  8. Target your audience
  9. Present your brand widely to get noticed
  10. Be Vigilant
  11. Track each record of your move

In this recent generation of multi-channel, multi-discipline marketing, it is quite important to engage outside experts to get or maintain outstanding status. According to the global research of social investments — giants are more likely to engage outside support to measure their brand’s social performance. Despite the quick integration of social media into marketing plans, only a handful of global organizations are mastering brand-building.

People power your business. Without a doubt, at least one person is working at your business. For businesses that are completely focusing on their content strategy, it is important to encourage staff to participate in social networks with their feeds.

Also, being active on social media means you need to proactively listen to conversations happening around your brand. Know these answers:

Are they positive? Are they negative? What can you do to address them?

The motto behind all this is — it’s not about setting it and forgetting. It’s all about embracing your social presence every day. The stop will always be the biggest flop.

It’s being active; it’s investing your attention on what your community and the rest of the world thinks and says about your brand. Yes, it is a lot of work, but it’s worth it. Tapping into opportunities takes careful consideration, enterprise-wide commitment, and ample resource allocation.




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We arm you with the right Strategy, Technology, and Operations to engage your target buyers.

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